Kasaysayang Lilikhain (History Maker – Tagalog Translation)

Ano nga ba ang “ice” sa Tagalog? Literal and literary translation is always an interesting topic for word nerds, and today, on the #yoiconph2017 blog, armchair translator Trisha D. attempts to bring some local flavor to everyone’s favorite song.

We welcome guest posts! If you’d like to write about Yuri!!! on ICE or figure skating for the #yoiconph2017 blog, please contact us!

Kasaysayang Lilikhain
(History Maker – Tagalog Translation)

by Trisha D.

Can you feel my heartbeat?
Tired of feeling never enough
I close my eyes and tell myself
That my dreams will come true

There’ll be no more darkness
When you believe in yourself
You are unstoppable
Where your destiny lies
Dancing on the blades
You set my heart on fire

Don’t stop us now
The moment of truth
We were born to make history

We’ll make it happen
We’ll turn it around
Yes, we were born to make history

Dinig mo ko puso ko?
Pagod mabigo’t matalo
Sa aking pagpikit
Abot panaginip

Mawawala ang kadiliman
Kung sarili’y paniwalaan
‘Di mapipigilan
Ang sayaw ng
Ng tadhana

Patuloy lang
Ang kasaysayan
Tayo na ang manlilikha

Kasaysayang lilikhain

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