Michael Can Still Qualify For The Olympics. Here’s How.

We have some breaking news on the #yoiconph2017 blog today. It was previously reported that Michael Christian Martinez secured a slot for the Philippines in the 2018 Winter Olympics, but that news has since been retracted and corrected. What happened and what else can we do? Don’t lose hope! We break it down for you here.

Michael Christian Martinez qualified for the free skate in the 2017 World Championships, finishing in 24th place. It was then reported that he qualified for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics,  but current ISU guidelines have determined that he has not – at least, not yet, but he definitely has a fighting chance. Let’s break down what we thought, what actually happened, and what this means for our skaters in the 2017-18 season.


  • Michael finished 24th after the Short Program in the 2017 World Championships, earning him a spot in the Free Skate
  • According to Rule 400 in the ISU Special Regulations:
    • “In Single Skating the best placed twenty-four (24) Competitors in the Short Program will qualify for the final Free Skating.”
    • “ISU Members who have participated in the immediately preceding year’s World Senior Championships accumulate points according to Rule 378, paragraph 2.b) and c).”
    • “…Twenty-four (24) entries in the Ladies event and the Men event… will be determined according to the classification outlined in paragraph 2 above.”
  • Our (wrong) conclusion: since Michael got 24th overall, he earned the Philippines a spot in the 2018 Olympics.


  • According to Rule 378, countries may earn more than one spot based on their representatives’ performance in the preceding World Championships:

    Source: ISU Special Regulations & Technical Rules for Single & Pair Skating and Ice Dance, 2016

  • According to Rule 400: “If the application of [Rule 378] results in more than twenty-four (24) Ladies or Men… the last ISU Members to reach the qualifying limit would not be permitted to enter”
  • At the conclusion of the 2017 World Championships, Jackie Wong, a well-known figure skating analyst and a member of the Ice Network staff, put out an article detailing which countries qualified for each discipline.
  • The standings for the Men’s Discipline are as follows:
    • 3 Spots Each: Japan, United States
    • 2 Spots Each: Canada, China, Israel, Spain, Russia
    • 1 Spot Each: Australia, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan

      Source: Jackie Wong, rockerskating.com

  • Since Michael wasn’t able to rank high enough in the free skate, he didn’t get to secure a spot for the Philippines.

Don’t worry, we can still qualify in the 2017-18 season! The Nebelhorn Trophy 2017 will serve as the qualifying leg for the 2018 Olympics, where Michael or any of our senior skaters can earn one of six remaining spots for the Philippines in the Men and Ladies disciplines.

In the meantime, let’s wish everyone the best of luck! Follow the Philippine Skating Union on Twitter and SM Skating on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates and announcements. #LabanPilipinas  #Nebelhorn2017 #Pyeongchang2018