About Yuri!!! on ICE

Yuri!!! on ICE is the runaway hit anime of Fall/Winter 2016. The series follows the story of the titular Yuri Katsuki, a Japanese figure skater who, after suffering a humiliating defeat during the previous year’s Grand Prix Final, attempts to give the sport one last shot with the aid of his idol turned coach, Russian figure skating champion, Victor Nikiforov.

Ever since its debut on October 6 2016, it has received overwhelmingly positive critical reviews and has amassed a large and active online following, becoming the most talked about anime of the season, garnering 1,440,596 tweets on Twitter in the span of only three weeks. In the Philippines, the Yuri!!! on ICE finale trended on Twitter last December 22 2016, generating 339,000 tweets from local Twitter users. The official soundtrack of the series is also the third most popular album on the Philippine iTunes store.

The series has also attracted the attention and appreciation of actual figure skaters who have praised the show for its beautiful storyline and attention to detail, thus lending credibility to the show’s depiction of the sport. Fans of the series include Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva (2016 World Champion, 2016 European Champion, and Two-Time Grand Prix Final Champion), American figure skater Johnny Weir (2008 World Bronze Medalist, Two-Time Grand Prix Final Bronze, Three-Time U.S. National Champion), and our very own Michael Christian Martinez, the first Southeast Asian skater to qualify for the Olympics and the only athlete to represent the Philippines during the 2014 Winter Olympics. One of the characters from the show, the Thai skater Phichit Chulanont, is said to have been directly inspired by Michael Christian Martinez, a fact that Michael Christian Martinez himself has noticed and has since then embraced completely.

The series has been lauded for its excellent narrative technique, accurate portrayal of figure skating as a competitive sport, gripping treatment of the physical and mental health issues experienced by athletes under pressure, and the beautiful depiction of a gay relationship between the show’s two leads, a fearless response to the issues of homophobia in competitive figure skating. Truly, this series is one that made history. More than one year since its premiere, Yuri!!! on ICE continues to excite and inspire  fans from all over.

Born To Make History: A Yuri!!! on ICE Fan Gathering 2 is, following the tradition of the previous event, a celebration of all things Yuri!!! on ICE, the monumental achievements that the series has accomplished during its twelve weeks on air and the creativity the show has invigorated its fans with. Learn more about the event here.