Encre.ment is an artist circle of anime and video game geeks with Koreaboo tendencies. They make fan art of the series they appreciate and love to geek about it with fellow fans.

Their group consists of artists Flaurite and Dual Limit, who will satisfy your fan needs with prints, buttons, stickers and charms of your favorite fandoms, and Mimie, who makes apparel such as custom printed socks and towels for your everyday use while keeping you close to your favorite characters! Ask them for commissions, especially Dual Limit’s marker commissions!

Catch Encre.ment at #yoiconph2018!

Find your other fandoms with Encre.ment! Aside from Yuri!!! on ICE, they’ll have Boku no Hero Academia, BTS, Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, and Black Clover at #yoiconph2018!

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