Nyan Nyan Crew

Nyan Nyan Crew is a group of individuals, Gaijin, Nash, and Poshiro,  who have a passion for art. Yuri!!! on ICE has brought them together and inspired them to create lots of fan art for Yuri!!! on ICE, as well as different anime, manga, and even KPOP groups as well! Drop by their booth at #yoiconph2018 for stickers, keychain, pins, and fan art! They are also open for commissions!

Find your other fandoms with Nyan Nyan Crew! Aside from Yuri!!! on ICE, they’ll have Persona 5, Mystic Messenger, Voltron, Boku no Hero Academia, Haikyuu!!, Utaite, Final Fantasy XV, and SHINee at #yoiconph2018!

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