The Sunny Project PH

Blooming even when it’s not spring! The Sunny Project PH, comprised of Miya (Yanumii)Ayyah (Candarella)Richa (Swordbreaker)Chris (Blackrain105)Gab (Sasugab), and Izzy (TheIzzyPeasy), will fill your day with spring-like wonder through our artwork and merchandise. From original characters to fan-favorite fandoms, The Sunny Project PH will spread around their work like pollen during a windy day at #yoiconph2018!

Find your other fandoms with The Sunny Project PH! Aside from Yuri!!! on ICE, they’ll have Fullmetal Alchemist, Mystic Messenger, Persona 5, Idolish7, Card Captor Sakura, Vocaloid, Sailor Moon, and Touken Ranbu at #yoiconph2018!

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