To Russia, With Love: The #yoiconph2017 Barimor Care Package


Hi, history makers! We hope you enjoyed our video chat with Barimor! As we mentioned at the end of the video chat, we will be collecting your gifts and letters for Barimor and mailing them to him on your behalf. If you want to send your love to Yuri Plisetsky himself, please read the instructions below!

About The Barimor Care Package:

  • The #yoiconph2017 team will collect gifts, art, and fan mail for Barimor via in-person meet-ups or local shipping. (If you choose to ship your items, please take care of local courier fees.)
  • Once everything has been received, we will place everything in one package and ship it to Barimor.
  • The #yoiconph2017 team will cover for all expenses related to international shipping. (If you choose to ship your items, please take care of local courier fees.)
  • Participation in the Barimor Care Package is only open to Filipinos residing in the Philippines.

Dates To Remember:
Please be guided by the Barimor Care Package schedule below.

  • April 5, Wednesday, 8:00pm: Care Package Form Opens
  • April 9, Sunday, 2:00pm-5:00pm: Meet-Up At SM Megamall (Ozine Fest Day 3)
  • April 23, Sunday, 11:59pm: Care Package Form Closes
  • April 28, Friday, 11:59pm: Deadline for All Shipped Items

How To Join:
If you want to send something to Barimor, please click here to sign up. Details about meet-ups and shipping will only be given to those who sign up via the form.

Encouraged Items:
Feel free to give Barimor the following items:

  • Art. Barimor’s favorite Yuri!!! on ICE character is Yuri Plisetsky, and he’s known for his Yuri Plisetsky cosplay as well. Feel free to check Barimor’s Facebook page for more photos of his other cosplays as well.
  • Letters/Messages. Please write your messages in English or Russian only. If your message is in English, it may be read by his friend and translator, Alina.
  • Filipino Snacks/Sweets. Food is one of the funnest things about the Philippines! Barimor has no allergies, so feel free to send him some Filipino favorites!

Item Restrictions:
Please do not send Barimor any of the items listed below. These items may be rejected upon meet-up or received without return if shipped.

  • NO Large, Bulky Items. Please keep your gifts under 40cm in size.
  • NO Liquids.
  • NO Weapons or Sharp Objects.
  • NO Perishable Food Items. We cannot send fresh fruits or cooked food. If you wish to give food items, please make sure they are fit for storage and transport.
  • NO Use of Official Art. Items that feature the unauthorized use of official art or screenshots from the show will not be included in the package.
  • NO Unauthorized Use of Fan Art. Items that feature the unauthorized use of fan art will not be included in the package. Art made by yourself is perfectly fine. Art “from Google” is not.

About Alina:
Alina, the girl in the video chat with him, is Barimor’s friend and translator. She has been very kind and helpful, and we would not have been able to communicate properly with Barimor without her. If you want to send her something as well, feel free to do so! Please indicate if you will have gifts for Alina. Her favorite Yuri!!! on ICE character is Victor and any small tokens of appreciation would be wonderful.

Please be guided accordingly!

  • If you will give your gift via meet-up, please observe the meet-up schedule and time.
  • If you will give your gift via shipping, please take care of the local shipping fees. #yoiconph2017 will only cover for international shipping.
  • Please label your items properly. Include your name somewhere in your gift or note to ensure that everything is credited properly.

Please PM us on Facebook or send an email to