House Rules

To ensure that everyone has a fun, safe, and memorable time at #yoiconph2017, please take note of our house rules and follow them accordingly. Breaking our house rules may result in you being escorted out of the event without a refund.

1. No Ticket, No Entry.
Loitering will not be allowed in the venue proper.

2. Take Care of Your Personal Belongings.
The event organizers will not be responsible for any loss, damage, or theft – though we will sympathize, a lot.

3. Take Care of The Convention Space.
Please be mindful of event venue property such as tables, chairs, floors, walls, audio-video equipment, and the like. Should you cause any damage to any of these things, you will be asked to pay for them

4. Follow Our Cosplay Guidelines.
Click the link above to read it in full.

5. Play Nice.
Please observe proper decorum while at the event. Avoid excessively rowdy or unruly behavior. Respect your fellow attendees and let them to enjoy the experience unhindered.

6. If Anything Happens, Let Us Know.
Your event organizers care for you and want you to have the best time possible. Should anything untoward happen, please approach the registration booth for assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation! See you next level!